Truth be told: no matter the season, braids go well with any look! It can be for a wedding party until an afternoon at the gym, there is a type for every moment. Even in those days when the laziness of washing your hair came and you needed to innovate a little to leave the house. Who never?With a little extra time, it's super easy to give that air of elegance to any of these occasions. And then nothing better than improving your yarn skills right during the holidays! How about starting the year with the right foot and braided hair? We have separated 6 braids for you to try and fall in love with.

Built-in braid keeps hair tight

The built-in braid will always be a classic ! Separating a few strands of hair, right at the top of the head, start a normal braid. After braiding a couple of times, add more strands of hair, little by little. You can leave your braid straight, in the corner or on the back of the head, or put some type of direction for it. Just pull the wires to one side;)

Fish scale is a super modern model

The fish scale braid is super different and unique! But it can be the most difficult style to do. It works similar to the built-in, you should pick up strands of hair, little by little. But in this case, the locks should be very thin. First separate a large lock of hair and divide it into two parts. Start at the left corner. Separate a few strands of hair from the corner and place them in the center of the right corner. Then, do the same thing, only using a strand from the right corner to the center of the left. And so it goes!Stay calm if you don't succeed at first. The journey can be complicated, but the result is wonderful!

Boxing braid is the cool hairstyle for summer

The boxing braid is essentially inlaid, but it is separated into two parts. To do it, separate your hair all in two and make a straight braid in each. Then just place them on your shoulder and that's it! You can also make it as conventional braids or fish scales! She is great for playing sports because she doesn't look on her face;)

Split braids combine with accessories

Who doesn't love a broken braid? Like the sausage, it's a classic! All you need to do is separate the hair into two parts and braid the bottom part. Simple, isn't it? To add an extra touch, you can add accessories,such as hats or hats . Another tip is to separate the bangs from the bangs and take them out of the braid to stay loose in the front! We love it and it's so cute;)

How about mixing everything?

All types of braids are beautiful in themselves! But how about mixing them with other types and especially with other hairstyles?Putting a braid in a ponytail, for example, can be the perfect hairstyle for a wedding. Or do something more elaborate, with two built-in braids that are behind the hair? The sky is the limit! Try everything you can think of,literally. And remember that there are a lot of channels on YouTube and profiles on Instagram that can always help you learn new hairstyles !

Perfect for all programming: ponytail + fish scale

With a ponytail, you can mix any of the braids. It's super easy and looks great! You can separate a braided strand and put it inside the ponytail or also make a straight inlaid braid and attach it to a tail. There are many possibilities. So let your creativity emerge! To make everything more tidy, you can use your own threads to hide the elastic;)